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Damascus Road Recovery

On The Road To Damascus.
Where The Journey Begin....

We need outside support from the community to continue to serve the suffering addicts and their families.

We are a NON-PROFIT 501C3 program.

We do not take any state or federal funding.

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Butch & Joan.jpg

In honor of our founders.

There is no replacement for the dedication that these two Godly people have shown to our families. We love and appreciate on the highest level what our families and our lives have gained from our time at Damascus Road.

Though the devotion of Butch and Joan and their selfless giving of their lives.


Your legacy lives on!!!

                         Love you,

Dwayne Gee & Jeff Worley

Home: Who We Are

2020 was a very difficult year for many of us but it was an especially challenging year for Damascus Road. In August of 2020 we witnessed the loss of our founder and mentor (Butch Scruggs) due to a massive heart attack.  His wife Joan, with health concerns herself and her personal well being top priority, retired in 2021.  In retirement, Joan acts as a consultant to Damascus Road Recovery as she still has a wealth of knowledge to share and is still involved with the Board of Directors.

Butch had a vision and prepared Dwayne and I for this situation for a long time. We, along with Jason, Jimmy and Ashley, have a sincere desire to carry on Butch’s legacy and continue to serve the hopeless, suffering alcoholic and addict. Our goal and aspirations are to continue Butch’s vision and maintain this program’s level of treatment and to prosper in the coming years.

As DRR has ministered to thousands of addicts and their families, many have come, taking all they can, giving back nothing. As DRR is a 501(c)(3), faith-based Program, our business model requires 20% of operational costs come from donations. This is falling very short. DRR has truly been blessed, but the need is great and resources to provide this level of care are greatly needed. Other programs our size have 12-15 on Staff. I cannot put into words the dedication of our small staff (3 full time and 2 part time) that does so much for so many.

Due to the pandemic of opiates, heroin, prescription pain medication, fentanyl, and psychoactive medication, suboxone, methadone, etc., clients are coming younger and sicker. This population is hard to get in treatment, keep in treatment and treat. The long-term withdrawals are so severe that many leave against Staff advice and return to their active addiction. Some will die!

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Our Leaders

DRR is approved by the Georigia Department of Corrections (Thor approved)
and is a member of the Georgia Association of Recovery Residence (GARR)

Home: Meet the Team
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Jeff Worley

Director of Damascus Road Recovery, 
CACI, Ordained Minister

Jeff began his journey with DRR in 2011. He has faced many challenges in his own recovery shaping him into the man of God that it requires to lead the suffering addicts. He has given his life to this cause and in early 2021 was appointed Director by the Board of Directors of Damascus Road. He has made it his mission to continue the legacy that Butch created.

Dwayne Gee.jpg

Dwayne Gee

CEO of Damascus Road Recovery,

Dwayne came to Damascus Road in 2004. He was struggling with addiction and upon his graduation decided to stay on and train to help others achieve long term sobriety. He spent many years under Butch's guidance and continues to carry HIS message. As of 2021 the Board of Directors appointed him CEO.

How far have we come.

Jason Holbrook.jpg

Jason Holbrook

Services Coordinator of Damascus Road Recovery, CACII

Jason came to Damascus Road as a client in 2017;  in 2018 he was offered the job of facilities manager and the chance to work toward intern counselor upon completion of the program. Jason graduated in early 2019 and began his work toward becoming a certified addiction counselor. In 2021, he became a Certified Counselor In Training and Services Coordinator for Damascus Road.  He now holds his Certification as CACII and pursuing Certification as a Clinical Supervisor.  "I am not yet the man I want to be, but thank God I am not the man I used to be."



Administrative Assistant & Financial Services

Ashley has over six years of sobriety and started at Damascus Road in March of 2021 as the Office Assistant. She is responsible for maintaining all of the financial obligations for the current clients and general office duties. She is grateful every day and feels its a blessing from God for the opportunity to work with and for everyone at Damascus Road Recovery, and attributes working in recovery as part of maintaining her sobriety.

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Making A Difference One Person At A Time!

Home: What We Do

Long-term Recovering Program



    * Over-comers Outreach

Drugs and Alcohol

    * Pharmacology - the effects and consequences of psychoactive chemicals on the mind and body.

* Physical and psychological concepts of addiction.

Individual and Group Counseling

Relapse Prevention (CENAPS certified)

* Learning  how to cope in recovery without using mood- altering drugs.

* Learning to recognize trigger situations and avoid using mood-altering drugs.

Denial Management (CENAPS certified)

* Learning how to recognize unhealthy thought processes to enhance the possibilities of recovery.

Recreation and Work Activity

* Client will be required to participate in a regimented schedule of work and recreational activity. This will enable the client to adapt to daily schedules and interact appropriately with others. This process will prepare him to become an asset to society.

Twelve Step Meetings

* Client will be required to participate in Twelve Step Meetings in-house and outside meetings. This will expose client to the inter-working of Twelve Step Groups.

Family Help

* Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family. Families will be counseled to the effects of co-dependency, enabling and denial. Families will be exposed to the principles of Al-Anon and be required to attend meetings in order to visit significant other in recovery.

Occupational Rehabilitation Training.

Financial Management.

Church Attendance Required.


The purpose of the admission process is to ensure that our Program is a good match for each client. We have a very intense, very structured program to offer the best chance of long-term sobriety for each client.
The initial admission process begins with a telephone screening between the client and the screening Staff. We explain our program requirements and what we expect of each client. During this  process, we are also making a determination if the potential client is ready to make the changes in his life that sobriety and recovery require.
A follow up call with the Director is required after the initial screening. At this time, a decision is made by each to determine whether to proceed. Once this decision is made, a client can usually be admitted quickly, based on legal and personal situations and bed availability.
Family members are required to attend weekly Al-Anon 12-Step Meeting in order to have contact with clients. No contact for a minimum ninety (90) days. Otherwise, outside Al-Anon meetings are available. To find a meeting in Georgia visit:

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Click on the link box for Al-Anon sign-in sheet:

Al-Anon sign-in sheet
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We also conduct quarterly Family sessions to better inform families regarding the disease addiction and the effects it has on family members.

Once Client has been accepted for admission, please click on the link below for a list of items to bring:

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Admission date and time must be scheduled in advance with Staff.  Please call for directions to admission location.

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Scenes From the Road

God has blessed Damascus Road with a beautiful campus Consisting of 36 + acres on a lake, 3 Four bedroom houses, a 6 bedroom house, a counselors cottage, a classroom, food commissary, and a 1500sq. ft. maintenance building.

Recreation activities include basketball court, volleyball court, horseshoes, corn hole, and fishing.

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Memorial Page

This page is dedicated to the memory of friends and loved ones.

Home: Testimonials

We would like to thank the Scott Hudgens Family Foundation for their outpouring of generosity made in  memory of Ms. Lois Mittiga.

Contact Damascus Road Recovery

10920 US-278, Covington, GA 30014



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Certified Member of Georgia Association Recovery Residence

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